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Deceptive Words That Mean "Sugar"
Posted by Stephanie Howard on 1/8/2015 to Nutrition

Learn which food ingredients are other words for "sugar".

The Importance of a Plant-Based Protein Powder
Posted by Stephanie Howard on 12/19/2014 to Nutrition

Top 5 reasons why a plant-based protein powder is the best option.

Healthy For The Holidays: Day 3
Posted by Stephanie Howard on 12/10/2014 to Nutrition

5 ways to reduce the risk of temptation, yet enjoy your holiday parties to the fullest!

Top 10 Tips to Prevent Breast Cancer
Posted by Hotze Vitamins on 10/27/2014 to Health Concerns

Top 10 Tips to Prevent Breast Cancer

Brain Alert ! How Low Testosterone Affects the Brain
Posted by Hotze Vitamins on 9/3/2014 to Energy

Low Testosterone and the BrainBrain Alert! How Low Testosterone Affects the Brain

Eat for Energy
Posted by Physician's Preference on 8/13/2014 to Nutrition

Three foods that will help you power through your day!

Eat Red, White and Blue For a Healthier You!
Posted by Physician's Preference on 6/30/2014 to Nutrition

The healthiest red, white and blue foods you can eat!

Think Before You Eat
Posted by Sally Kerr, LVN, CNCW on 5/23/2014 to Health & Fitness

Find out how long you would have exercise if you were to eat a certain food.

Healthy Grilling Tips
Posted by Physician's Preference on 5/22/2014 to Nutrition

A quick guide to make your grilling healthier than ever!

Label Language: Know Before You Go
Posted by Physician's Preference on 2/4/2014 to Nutrition

When it comes to buying your groceries, our #1 rule of thumb: Know before you go.

4 Superfoods For Youthful Skin
Posted by Physician's Preference on 1/21/2014 to Health Concerns

4 natural foods that will leave your skin glowing and radiant.

Is Quinoa Yeast-Free?
Posted by Physician's Preference on 1/14/2014 to Nutrition

Many of you following the yeast-free eating program have asked us if quinoa is yeast-free. Today, we're here to answer that question for you.

Kale & Cranberry Salad
Posted by Physician's Preference on 10/2/2013 to Gluten Free

Kale: one of the healthiest foods we can eat. Packed with antioxidants, phytonutrients and fiber, your body will thank you for this recipe!

The Complete Guide to Organic Foods
Posted by Physician's Preference on 10/1/2013 to Health Concerns

We're clearing the air when it comes to shopping for organic produce.

Yeast-Free On The Go
Posted by Physician's Preference on 7/10/2013 to Gluten Free

Eating healthy while in the car or on the go is no easy tast. We know!

Gluten Free Sweet Potato Chips
Posted by Physician's Preference on 6/4/2013 to Gluten Free

Crispy, crunchy, guilt free and Gluten Free Sweet Potato Chips, just in time for pool side grilling!

Juice this; juice that
Posted by Physician's Preference on 4/23/2013 to Healthy Recipes

It's a fact...drinking your fruits & veggies is much easier!

Raw Week: Meal planning (+ a rawfully good recipe!)
Posted by Physician's Preference on 4/18/2013 to Healthy Recipes

One of the main reasons people have a difficult time sticking to a 100% raw food diet is because they don't eat enough food throughout the day and find themselves starving. In an effort to help you succeed, we have done extensive research and put together a sample meal plan for your perusal.

Raw Week: Approved Raw Foods
Posted by Physician's Preference on 4/17/2013 to Energy

Approved raw foods list for Raw Week 2013

Don't be fooled by these nutrition myths
Posted by Physician's Preference on 4/1/2013 to Nutrition

With an abundance of information on nutrition these days, we know it can sometimes be difficult to comprehend. Today we're here to bust a few of the top nutrition myths! We hope you find them beneficial as you pursue your path to health and wellness!

Food Journaling 101
Posted by Physician's Preference on 3/18/2013 to Nutrition

The key to successful weight loss and an important tool to helping you achieve your daily caloric goal is documenting your food intake in a food journal.

The 90 Percent Rule
Posted by Physician's Preference on 3/12/2013 to Health & Fitness

Many of those have lost a fair amount of weight have found that in order to maintain their healthy body weight is by following the 90 percent rule.

Eat Healthy; Stay Healthy.
Posted by Physician's Preference on 2/26/2013 to Nutrition

Eat right to keep your body nourished and healthy!

"Mock" Mashed Potatoes
Posted by Physician's Preference on 12/4/2012 to Gluten Free

As a child, one of my favorite side dishes at Christmas dinner, in my opinion, was my mother's mashed potatoes. Now that I'm a little older and have learned the consequences of eating simple carbohydrates, such as white potatoes, I sadly stay pretty far away from her mashed potatoes these days. (Sorry, mom!)&

Yeast-Free Cranberry Sauce
Posted by Physician's Preference on 12/3/2012 to Gluten Free

Welcome to Day 1 of the 12 Days of Recipes!&

Holiday Cooking: Naughty/Nice Food List
Posted by Physician's Preference on 11/27/2012 to Gluten Free

I think I speak for us all when I say eating healthy around the holidays is, by far, one of the most difficult things to do!

Pumpkin: A Not-So-Scary Superfood
Posted by Physician's Preference on 10/31/2012 to Healthy Recipes

Don't let those scary Jack-o-lanterns fool you this Halloween!

Meal Planning Made Easy
Posted by Physician's Preference on 9/17/2012 to Healthy Recipes

If you're failing to plan, you're planning to fail.
One of the most common reasons people fall off a good eating program is because they're ill-prepared.

Battle of the Yogurts: Greek vs. Regular
Posted by Physician's Preference on 8/23/2012 to Nutrition

Is Greek yogurt better than regular yogurt?

Insider Secrets
Posted by Physician's Preference on 8/16/2012 to Health Concerns

Physician's Preference shares it's insider secrets on some of our favorite products!

New & Improved! Dr. Hotzes PowerPak
Posted by Physician's Preference on 7/12/2012 to Energy

So word on the street has it there's a new kid on the block! You've probably seen it by now or heard rumors about a "change" so we're herre to officially introduce to you...

Three Super Foods for Optimal Health
Posted by Physician's Preference on 3/30/2012 to Nutrition

The Oxford English Dictionary defines “superfood” as “a food considered especially nutritious or otherwise beneficial to health and well-being.

Living in a fast-paced world like we do today, it's easy to forget where we came from.

Tips from the Nutritionist: The Clean 15
Posted by Physician's Preference on 3/12/2012 to Nutrition

Of course, buying organic is always the best practice when it comes to leading a healthy lifestyle but let’s be honest…buying 100% organic can be awfully painful to your wallet.

Nutrition Week @ Physician's Preference
Posted by Physician's Preference on 3/5/2012 to Nutrition

What better way to celebrate Nutrition Month than having Nutrition Week?

We hope you'll join us!

In The News: Your Access to Natural Supplements At Risk
Posted by Physician's Preference on 7/7/2011 to Health Concerns

Physician’s Preference invites you to read Dr. Hotze’s blog this week on the FDA’s latest tactics, which could affect your rights and access to natural dietary supplements.

Red, White, and Don't Be Blue!
Posted by Physician's Preference on 6/28/2011 to Health & Fitness

The Fourth of July weekend is nearly upon us, and a celebration of our nation and heritage is at hand. We all look forward to fireworks, barbeque, and getting together with family and friends. But what happens when the fireworks and fun leave you with a case of the holiday blues… even in a time of celebration? Could your body be telling you something’s wrong?

Quick Tips for More Vitamin D
Posted by Physician's Preference on 6/21/2011 to Health & Fitness

Happy first day of summer! Celebrate this summer with plenty of sunshine, and better health to boot!

Look and Feel Your Best with Green Tea
Posted by Physician's Prefernce on 5/18/2011 to Health & Fitness

In the past few weeks we have posted about lowering stress, enhancing beauty and slimming down. Did you know that there is a household tea, probably in your pantry right now, that actually helps with all of these things? The health benefits of green tea are simply amazing. Green tea has been consumed for thousands of years, and is a common drink for many “health nuts”.  

Virgin Coconut Oil-not just for the kitchen anymore!
Posted by Physician's Preference on 5/10/2011 to Health Concerns

If you haven’t heard all of the bountiful information about Virgin Coconut Oil by now, it’s about time you caught up! Not only can coconut oil be beneficial in the kitchen by aiding in weight loss, possibly lowering cholesterol levels, boosting energy levels and increasing your metabolism, but did you know it can also do plenty of other amazing things for our bodies, like rejuvenate your hair and skin and even prevent wrinkles?

Yeast Free Taco Wraps
Posted by Physician's Preference on 5/4/2011 to Healthy Recipes

Celebrate Cinco De Mayo with these healthy Yeast Free Tacos!

Mother's Week
Posted by Physician's Preference on 5/3/2011 to Energy

Mom is thoughtful, caring, selfless, and just plain wonderful, right? Moms are always thinking of others, doing things for others, and putting themselves last. Does Mom ever get to come first? Absolutely she does!

Easy Breezy Bean Salad
Posted by Physician's Preference on 4/27/2011 to Healthy Recipes

For those warm summer days spent outside, this cool, quick bean salad makes for a perfect snack!

Stress Relief for Skin
Posted by Physician's Preference on 4/19/2011 to Health Concerns

Have you ever turned and flashed a big, pearly smile to get the all clear from a friend, being careful to hide any evidence of your last meal? In a similar way, did you know that the evidence of stress can be apparent on your face as well? Before putting a mask over your face, learn how stress affects skin and how to reduce (or eliminate) the evidence.

Summer Shape Up, Week 2: Shape Up Your Eating Habits!
Posted by Physician's Preference on 4/14/2011 to Health & Fitness

Often, when people think about getting in shape, they make big plans to hit the gym and sweat away the pounds.  But did you know that the secret to staying thin and trim doesn’t lie in what you are working off so much as what you are taking in?

It’s here! Summer Shape Up 2011!
Posted by Physician's Preference on 4/7/2011 to Health & Fitness

Here we are in April. The days are longer, the weather is getting warmer and summer vacation planning is in full effect. You know what that means. That’s right – swimsuit season is right around the corner. Are you ready?

Healthy Homemade Chicken Salad
Posted by Physician's Preference on 4/7/2011 to Healthy Recipes

On those hot summer days the absolute last thing you want to grab for lunch is a bowl of hot soup. Before you make that trip to your local grocery store to pick up a packaged, processed, mayonnaise infested tub of chicken or tuna salad, consider making your own and avoid all the guilt! With most of the ingredients being staples in any household, this healthy homemade chicken salad is sure to satisfy your belly without shattering a healthy eating style.

Dark Chocolate: Did You Know?
Posted by Physician's Preference on 3/29/2011 to Health Concerns

Does life get any better than a piece (or two) of delicious, smooth, dark chocolate? The world stops for just a moment, we take a deep breath, escaping from the day’s stress and savoring what could be one of the finest foods on earth. Life is good. So, why do we feel so guilty for an occasional indulgence? Is it possible that a small serving of dark chocolate every day could actually be quite healthy, and something reasonable to look forward to?

Nutrition to Give Your Thyroid a Boost
Posted by Physician's Preference on 3/22/2011 to Nutrition

Being a sister company to the Hotze Health & Wellness Center, we are frequently asked about thyroid health.  For those that experience thyroid symptoms, such as brain fog, muscle aches and pains, hair loss and a multitude of other symptoms, even when their blood tests come back in the normal range, it is a relief to hear that there are ways of boosting the thyroid naturally.

Addressing Your Concerns About Radiation Exposure: Iodine Supplements & More
Posted by Physician's Preference on 3/18/2011 to Health Concerns

Both Hotze Health & Wellness Center and Physician’s Preference have received an overwhelming amount of concern from our patients and customers about protection from potential radiation exposure via Japanese trade winds.In answer to your questions, here are a few thoughts for your consideration.

Eating Well – There’s an App for That!
Posted by Physician's Preference on 3/8/2011 to Health & Fitness

Last week, we discussed some of our favorite tips for eating well.  If you were intimidated by some of the changes, rest assured that help is at your fingertips, literally.  Here are some of our favorite apps to aid in good nutrition.  Don’t have a smartphone?  There are lots of apps available online, too!

Cooking with Coconut Oil Going Mainstream?
Posted by Physician's Preference on 3/7/2011 to Nutrition

The New York Times Dining section recently shined the spotlight on an often unsung hero that happens to be one of Physician’s Preference’s favorite products: coconut oil.  The article describes how coconut oil is making a big comeback in the health food world.  Of course at Physician’s Preference we have been singing the benefits of cooking with coconut oil for several years now, but we are so pleased that it is finally receiving well-deserved positive press.

This Week in the News – 3/4/11
Posted by Physician's Preference on 3/4/2011 to Health & Fitness

In honor of Nutrition Month, here our favorite articles of the week about eating well!  Enjoy!

It's National Nutrition Month!
Posted by Physician's Preference on 3/1/2011 to Health & Fitness

Here in Physician’s Preference, we love National Nutrition Month, because it gives us the perfect excuse to talk about one of our favorite topics!  This month, we’ll be sharing some of our secrets for maintaining optimal nutrition over the long-term.  To kick things off, here are our Top 5 favorite nutrition tips.

Resolutions – Week 3
Posted by Physician's Preference on 1/19/2011 to Health & Fitness

Resolutions – Week 3Last week, our Resolutionaries were busy walking the neighborhood, cleaning up their diets, sending wedding invitations, and skiing down mountains! Let’s see what they’re up to this week. If you’re just catching up, check out their...

Protein Bars as Healthy Snacks
Posted by hysician's Preference on 11/16/2010 to Nutrition

Protein Bars as Healthy SnacksThe goal of enjoying a protein or nutrition bar as a healthy snack is to find something that is easy, satisfying, and can aid your daily intake of nutritionally significant, balanced calories. For those who are constantly on the go, or experience the kind of stress that can drive you to eat comfort food, making sure that each meal is...

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