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A brand new you: Energy (Part II)
Posted by Physician's Preference on 8/13/2012

Last week we started a brand new series called, well, "A brand new you". Our goal is to focus on several main health concerns we hear most often: energy, sleep and weight, to name a few, and give you pertinent information on how to improve upon each one.
Our first series is energy. (Or lack thereof, for some of us...)
If you missed last week's post, you'll want to catch up so you don't miss anything important and so you can get started on your homework today.
So now that you all know how important keeping your body hydrated is, how'd you do last week? Were you able to get in all 8 glasses of water each day? Did you find yourself forgetting about it or were you pleasantly surprised by how committed you were?
While we all know new habits are sometimes hard to keep, we've found the perfect solution to remind you exactly how much water you've consumed throughout the day with the app, Water Your Body.
Not only does Water Your Body let you visually see
how much water you've consumed throughout the day...
...but it also grades you on your performance!
Remember: you're your biggest competitor so get to drinking! (Water, that is.)
Okay-now for the most important part-three tips for increasing energy levels:
1. Stay away from sweets and refined carbs. They give you a boost, and then they let you down leaving you hungry for more. Take them out of your pantry, out of your desk drawer and out of your lunch bag. Replace them with almonds or walnuts and just when you think you need a snack, reach for these healthier options.
2. Drink green tea rather than coffee or soda. Green tea helps to detoxify the cells of the body, which improves hormone balance and total body performance. Try to drink two to three cups daily.
3. Get at least eight minutes of cardio workout three to five times per week. (Of course, 20-30 minutes is more ideal but hey, we know you're busy!) This can be taking the stairs, parking farther from the car or even a quick workout video. We like this one!
Homework: Squeeze in the eight minute video at least twice this week. Whether it's waking up eight minutes earlier, or doing it on your lunch break, you'll be surprised with how great it makes you feel!
*See ya next Tuesday. Same time. Same place. We'll be talking more about supplements to increase energy levels and improve overall health, naturally!

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